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" May your story find safe habor

in the presence of people who will honor both

your vulnerability and resilience

Heartfelt House: A Safe Space

We understand the need to create a safe space for female survivors. 

We acknowledge the rich diversity in the room as well as the shared experiences of abuse that brings us together. 

It is paramount to our journey together that each person experiences Heartfelt House as a safe space. 

Heartfelt Houses' guiding principles to help everyone have an enriching experience and be as present as possible are: 

  • Confidentiality

  • Respect

  • Creating Space

  • Invitation

  • Choice

  • Safety 

What we offer survivors

(1) 10-week "Healing Pathways" program - led by professionally trained facilitators with a trauma-informed approach.

(2) Alumni - Lived Experience Reference Group - this is in the form of a monthly meeting which is designed to provide connections with others who have walked a similar path and focus on the way forward to recovery and growth, it is also an opportunity to feedback to Heartfelt House about the "Healing Pathways" group. 


Healing Pathways

10-week online program for females survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Next program starts 27 April 2023

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