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Below are some common questions we receive from survivors seeking our services. If your question is not here - please send us an email. 

  • What services does Heartfelt House provide?
    Heartfelt House provides support to adult females who were sexually abused as children. Heartfelt Houses' main program is "Healing Pathways" which is an 10-week group work program which covers topics such as; grief and growth, mapping and navigating our nervous system, relationships & boundaries, self-compassion and much more. Heartfelt House also provides services to the community in the form of information sessions in order to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. Additionally, Heartfelt House provides supporters workshops, to help supporters of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • How much does it cost to access Heartfelt Houses program?
    Heartfelt Houses 10-week program costs $100 for the entire program. This can be paid either by direct debit into our bank account, EFTPOS or cash in person at our office in Lismore. We never want money to be a barrier to access of our services and therefore if you would like to participate, but you are unable to pay, please get in contact with us to discuss.
  • Does Heartfelt House provide online services?
    Heartfelt House only provides the 10-week program face-to-face.
  • Do I have to tell Heartfelt House what happened to me as a child to get support?
    No, you do not need to tell Heartfelt House what happened to you as a child to get support. Some survivors want to share their story and some do not. Heartfelt House is here to support you either way.
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